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Get your personal injury, wrongful death, and business litigation cases settled, using live video, from the comfort of your office or client's home. Mr. Jackson combines 34 years of experience with, the popular and secure live video service, Zoom, to provide private mediations and settlement conferences, to help you get your case resolved!

Just like in a traditional mediation, each lawyer and party have their own private live video conference room. In fact, you can participate from your office with your client or, have your client join the mediation from their home or place of business. You don't have to be in the same place and, you don't have to interact directly with the other side unless you want to.

Documents, pictures and videos can all be shared in a traditional fashion prior to the mediation or, in real-time during the during the live video mediation process. We use tools like Clio (CRM- conflict checks and 24/7 portal), Docusign (electronic signatures), Dropbox (private and group exchange of documents) and BombBomb (video emails) to begin, monitor and complete the entire mediation process.

Mr. Jackson has been practicing law, mediating cases, and taking cases to successful jury verdicts for 34 years. While not all cases are right for live video mediation, many are. In fact, he wishes this technology was available for 90% of the cases he's been forced to resolve with traditional expensive and time consuming mediation.

The times have changed. So has settlement and mediation.

We're here for you!


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Live Video Steps

(1) Pick a Date: The parties should work together to coordinate several available live video mediation dates. Once done, have a designated person, on behalf of all parties, check Mr. Jackson’s calendar and reserve an available desired date. The three (3) hour live video mediation is billed at $2K and shared between the parties pursuant to the below-mentioned agreement. Longer mediations may be available as needed. The reservation link is below. Reach out with additional questions.

Schedule a three (3) hour mediation.

Once a date is set, the formal process starts.

(2) Mediation Documents: All counsel will receive a confirming email. It will share a link, via DocuSign, to digitally review, sign and date all live video mediation related documents and agreements.

(3) Communication and Invoice: Once the signed and dated mediation documents are received back from you, a conflict check is run and, a private 24/7 cloud-based mediation portal will be created and shared via an email link with each attorney. This will allow counsel to confirm the mediation date on calendar and upload documents and communicate privately with Mr. Jackson. At this time an invoice will also be sent to each party. Billing will be pro-rata unless otherwise advised. Invoices are due upon receipt.

(4) Live Video Zoom Link: All parties will receive their own private password protected live video Zoom link. Parties can participate in the live video mediation with almost any device and internet connection. As a backup, parties will be provided with a backup telephone number they can use to access the audio portion of the live video mediation.

(5) Briefs and Records: No later than two (2) days prior to the scheduled live video mediation, all parties should submit confidential mediation records and briefs. You can upload them to your private portal in Clio or request to use Dropbox, email, mail, fax, or have delivered via courier.


(6) Settle Case: All settlements are documented by the parties in writing. The case is done and everyone can move forward in their lives.

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